Who doesn’t like to see a property before they buy or rent?

Technology use has progressed to where Video presentations are all the rage in many business transactions including real estate.

Shoppers now wish to see moving images of many or most products and services on their phones and computers before taking follow on steps in their shopping and purchase decisions.

Premium video production services, like those in the examples here, may include voice overs, photography while on site, drone video clips where FAA permitting and time allows, and/or many other audio visual embellishments are available from $565.00 for more modest homes on up to $937.50 for 5,000+ sq foot luxury mansions.

If your property values or budget are tighter, we also offer a more economical Budget Virtual Tour Video Service from $175.

2:08 Professional Home Real Estate listing tour, with voice overs and drone video footage

2:37 Premium Listing Video with Voice overs, and drone video footage

In the event you are considering adding the power of drone video footage to your listing, it’s essential your videographers are FAA licensed to provide commercial services, as our drone operators are.

Any Realtor using unlicensed drone operators could be liable for up to $11,000 in fines, see article by clicking here

We do things the right way, so plesae consider timing for drone video flight permits.

If your home is within 5 miles of an airport, hospital, or military base we may need to submit for a permit and flight authorization. Permits and authorization may take up to 120 days, and note, within a 5 mile range of any of these locations, drone videography or photography may not be allowed.

11:00 Premium Video virtual tour of larger home virtual, interview style with Realtor giving the tour and showing off and stating key listing features and function of the home

Whether you require high production values or budget video solutions, give us a call or email us to address your full range of real estate listing video production needs.