Example Drone Videos

Drone Videography can add dramatic impact and angles to your video presentations, or can provide views and perspectives not generally available to ground based video or photography capture.

The impact of drone video is quite extraordinary.  See some of the examples below to get a glimpse into the possibilities.

All our drone operations are FAA compliant and we carry necessary insurances.

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1:00 Minutes … The Drone Drive is the newest, fun and interactive on-course activity!

2:37 Minutes … Dobson Ranch Listing Video for Realtors, Developers or home sellers looking to take their real estate sales to the next level, or just to see your property or place of business with that drone video advantage

2:15 Minutes … Added pop for real estate sales teams with drone footage mixed into quality video footage

3:02 Minutes … add a bit of drone footage to your landing page video for that extra bit of snap the higher perspective movements provide